Sun Reader's Relationship with Snapchat

Sun Reader's Relationship with Snapchat

For the young and socially savvy, Snapchat is the place to be and having launched our Sun Snapchat channel in May 2016, we have already attracted 4m monthly users (0.7m daily).

But even though Snapchat is the up-and-coming platform, it lags behind when it comes to providing user data. So to overcome this shortfall, we conducted our own audience research with 30 Sun Snapchatters.

From this we discovered that our Sun Snapchat channel is viewed positively by users and is seen as reinforcing the strengths of the brand.

They like the celebrity content we provide through the channel as well as the fact that we have a less judgemental tone. Our users are also after gossip on celebs they can relate to from our own shores rather than Hollywood, and in particular they like stories about volatile relationships and bad behaviour.

It’s worth noting that 80% of teenagers are currently on Snapchat and that this group is turning its back on platforms like Facebook where only about 50% of this age group are active. As such, they are all digital natives who are online throughout the day and used to having news on tap for instant gratification.

  • Source: Snapchat Daily Analytics Based on 3 month rolling data / past 7 Day average (Jan 3 2017)