Brand Katie. Everything she does is news, everything she does has value. Whatever face she choses to wear, the Pricey is always right

Katie Price is a legend. If there is a single person in Britain who embodies the concept of ‘personal brand,’ The Pricey is it. From school dropout to Page Three sensation to unlikely feminist icon, Katie has covered the gamut. Everything she does is news; everything she does has value. And she’s richer than you, me, and just about everybody else…

The ‘What Katie Did Next’ roller-coaster has been a bestseller for the better part of 15 years, since the pneumatically enhanced ‘Jordan’ burst on to Page Three of The Sun as an 18-year-old. That was how most of us came to hear of her; but even this was a carefully crafted image. The Sussex schoolgirl who’d swum for her county and loved to ride horses was making what most women would call a ‘bad choice’.

But even then, Miss Price knew her own mind.

Katie Price

Sure, she was beautiful – but so are lots of girls. She had sporting talent, but clearly not enough to make it as a major athlete. A modest 32B, one year into her glamour career Price chose to hugely enhance her breasts; she was 19 years old. The move made her a household name. She was ‘Jordan’, and her topless poses displayed true naked ambition.

And in the years that followed, as her many tumultuous relationships played out in the press, women learned to love her just as men lusted after her.

First, she was an incredibly good mother, fighting like a tigress for the rights of all her children, especially the profoundly disabled Harvey.

Second, she spoke it like it is – unfiltered and honest.

And she was opinionated and self-confident, referring to herself as ‘The Pricey’ and building up a massively profitable empire while the better-educated world sneered and jeered.

The fact is, Katie Price has established herself as an Everywoman. She can monetise the brand because she’s authentic. Fees for stories on her love life? We want to know! Perfume? Why not? It’s pitched at working women like herself. Best-selling books?

Katie doesn’t pretend they aren’t ghostwritten – she and the writer are a team, selling a modern fairytale story where the Princess rescues herself.

Most women wonder if they can cope with the stresses of family and work – Katie Price simply looks like Wonder Woman, complete with well endowed breastplate, holding up magic bracelets that deflect anything the patriarchy can throw at her. She commands huge fees for Big Brother because she is, simply, a fascinating person. When she says ‘Don’t underestimate the Pricey,’ she’s just a younger, sexier Wife of Bath – funny, independent, and determined to get paid.

I don’t know a single girl who wouldn’t like to go out for a drink with Katie Price, me included. She’s awesome.

Recently, Price caused a major political debate over the rights of her disabled son to be transported to a suitable school – benefits that are his, not hers. As ever, she was a totem for a national conversation and she didn’t shrink from it. It emerged that Price had fought tooth and nail trying to save the special school Harvey attended closer to home. The nation’s mums loved her all the more.

Businesswoman, single parent, PR extraordinaire, Katie Price has taken all the traumas of her life – from assaults and abuse as a child, to dropping out of school, to marrying the wrong men, betrayals by friends and the raising of a severely disabled child – and offered the UK a vision of the virtues we most admire. Getting on with it, taking things in her stride, dismissing snobs and fighting for what’s hers.

Katie Price must know that eventually, the celebrity merry-go-round will stop. But she is making money, and the very act of doing that without shame is hugely attractive to a new and aspirational feminist generation. From glamour model to role model, it’s quite a story – and it isn’t over yet.

As far as Britain is concerned, The Pricey is always right.