Audience Voice - Issue #3 Monday July 4 2016

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Welcome to Audience Voice

Welcome to Audience Voice, a new fortnightly newsletter curated by Audience, Insight and Analytics. Each edition will provide you with some of the latest insights we have learnt from our audience research and analysis, as well as industry updates, trends and developments.


Insight #1

Free for a day access triples Times website traffic

By removing the paywall for The Times website the day after the EU referendum vote, we attracted 3.5 times the normal volume of unique visitors.

The paywall was removed for 24 hours providing open access to the site for non-members resulting in nearly 3 times the number of page views (1.96m).

And it was a truly international audience that was visiting our site: UK (44%), USA (15%), Spain (5%) and Italy, Germany and France (3% each) as well as traffic from many other countries.


Insight #2

News UK social audience up to 19.1m in June

Over the last month, News UK’s total social media following has reached 19.1m followers, up 1.3% for the Times and Sunday Times, and up 3% for The Sun.

The Times’s Twitter followers increased by 0.9% and Facebook followers grew by 1.6%. Elsewhere, The Sun’s Twitter followers increased by 1.6% and Facebook grew by 2.8%.

The most significant increase this month has been a significant spike in total Facebook video views for the Times titles, and a 14.1% increase for The Sun.


Insight #3

Opportunity to target Millennials for Times/Sunday Times growth

The UK’s 4.9m Millennials represents an opportunity to grow the Times and Sunday Times brand among younger people.

Our research also debunked several myths about Millennials and their consumption of news. The vast majority (85%) say news is at least somewhat important to them. And although it’s assumed that most in this age group turn to Buzzfeed for their news fixes, in fact a third of Millennials buy newspapers every week, with Sunday the most common day of print purchase among this group; therefore representing one of the best channels to reach them.

Social media is definitely an important source of information - 60% of 16-24s and 47% of 25-34s use Facebook for news, compared to 33% at the total market level. However almost three-quarters (73%) go on to a specific news brand to get more information about an interesting story.

millenials infographic


Insight #4

Growth opportunities for The Dish

Appetite for The Dish is sizeable with 31% of Sunday Times buyers who are currently unaware of the supplement saying they’re likely to read it in the future.

Additional monetisation opportunities also exist with one in five readers (21%) prepared to pay for a standalone digital copy.

We should therefore consider print or digital sampling of The Dish to increase awareness and trial numbers especially among Informed Intellectuals as this is the segment where most growth opportunity lies.

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