Live Stream - Friday, 17 July, 2020, 10.30 - 11.15 AM


This event is brought to you by The Cultural Diversity Network, which is a voice for Black, Asian and Ethnic Minorities at News UK, and will be tackling a difficult subject around racism. Our panel will be discussing how we educate and equip the future generation to ensure that in years to come, they aren’t trying to solve the same race issues we face today.

Hosting the event will be News UK’s Chief Commercial Officer, Dominic Carter, in conversation with founder of Dope Black CIC, Marvyn Harrison, and his partner Nina Malone who leads the Dope Black Mums group. Also joining the discussion will be broadcaster and presenter, Chris Evans and The Sunday Times’ STYLE Editor-in-chief, Lorraine Candy.

Across the globe we are at a pivotal moment when it comes to challenging racism, with the death of George Floyd sparking one of the biggest global movements of our lifetimes. What we have all come to realise is that tackling present-day race issues doesn’t start with ignoring race altogether – it starts with acknowledging it (and all the implications that come along with it). In order to right the wrongs of the past, we need to have an open dialogue about racism.

With such incredible momentum comes the question of how we ensure continued and sustained change for the better. But with a complex issue that even adults struggle to navigate, how do we begin to discuss these issues with our children?

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