Word of mouth (WOM) is powerful. People and conversations affect our opinions, influence brand perceptions and ultimately drive consumer sales.

Keller Fay’s TalkTrack survey records these word of mouth conversations and through analysis of this data we have gained a deeper understanding of what Sunday Times readers like to talk about.

Key Findings

  • Newspaper readers are 25% more likely to be ‘conversation catalysts’ – the most influential people for WOM

  • Times readers have 20% more conversations than the average person each week

  • Times readers are 25% more likely to mention ads when they talk about brands

  • 42% of Times digital readers are conversation catalysts – twice the national average

  • Times readers engage in 21% more offline and +34% more workplace conversations than the UK average

  • Times readers have 24 conversations about Food & Drink daily, 20% more than the average
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Keller Fay are a world leading company, specialising in measuring word of mouth conversations, covering both general topics and brands/advertising.

Their UK Talk Track survey is a continuous tracking programme, covering 500 interviews per week or 26,000 interviews per year.

The data captures information about what people are talking about in different categories and conversations about specific brands as well as individual media consumption behaviour, allowing us to look at a wide range of word of mouth activity of our own newspaper readers.

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