Business Elite Europe (BE) is part of a global research study conducted by research company Ipsos-Mori across 36 countries providing insight into the media consumption habits of the most senior business individuals in Europe’s medium and large sized companies, representing the top 0.2% of the adult population.

This leading study has run since 1973, tracing media consumption, business activities, travel habits and personal attitudes of the most senior business executives.

The ‘Business Elite’ (BE) audience are hugely influential in their professional fields and as consumers of extremely high net wealth and affluence.

The UK sub-set of the survey demonstrates the unrivalled reach of this influential group delivered by The Times and The Sunday Times.

Key Findings

  • The Business Elite are the leaders of society’s ‘pyramid’ (the top 0.2%). They hold the most senior positions in the largest companies, with responsibility for large work-forces and purchase decisions influencing entire sectors with their decisions.

  • The Business Elite are very wealthy – an average salary of €200k+ and average net worth of €1.6m with the vast majority owning multiple private investments.

  • The Times is the no. 1 daily title for reaching the UK’s Business Elite, reaching 35% each day – that’s 52% more than The Daily Telegraph and 35% more than the FT every day.

  • The Sunday Times is reaches 46% of the UK’s Business Elite every week, the UK’s no.1 title reaching 77% more than the Sunday Telegraph and 85% more than The Economist every week.
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Research is conducted annually as part of an overall European Business Elite study. It is conducted via a mixed online and postal survey approach. The UK sub-set of the most recent (2013) Europe-wide survey covered a total sample size of 1,101 UK business leaders.

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