Research was part of a major quant/qual study designed to explore the relationship readers have with their favourite newspaper brand(s) in an increasingly multi-platform world.

It looked in detail at the relationship between readers and their favourite newspaper, exploring how engagement (measured through time spent, frequency, commitment and relationship scores) compared between ‘print and tablet’ readers versus ‘print solus’ readers.

It also looked at advertising effectiveness across ‘print and tablet’ together (versus print alone) demonstrating a platform multiplier effect resulting in significantly higher ROI.

Key Findings

  • Engagement is a multi-dimensional concept, comprising of a combination of frequency, time spent, commitment to the brand and relationship with the brand’s content.

  • Readers showed significant increases on all engagement measures when reading across print and tablet (versus print alone) in both The Times and The Sun.

  • Tablet readers report an increase in print readership too - thus seeing digital as an enhancement to their newspaper experience (rather than as a print substitute).

  • Readers exposed to test campaigns across The Times and The Sun in both print and tablet reported significantly higher recall, call to action and brand perception levels.
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Research was part of a major quant/qual study conducted for News UK by independent research company Sparkler, consisting of:

  • Qualitative – 72 hours of focus group discussion with readers of a cross-section of leading newspaper brands (not just News UK titles) including a 2 week ‘news capture’ diary and a platform deprivation exercise.

  • Quantitative – a major quant study covering over 3,000 newspaper readers.

  • News UK Subscriber data – analysis of subscriber intelligence and data.

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