Video PreRoll / Listen Live

Video PreRoll / Listen Live

Pre-roll Video

  • Video length of 10-20 seconds recommended for run of site video on demand where possible, due to the length of clips the creative will be accompanying. Are capable of running videos of up to 30 seconds as a maximum.
  • File type high quality .mp4 (we can convert other file types but quality may be reduced)
  • File size 2MB maximum – any file that exceeds this limit will not be usable
  • 16 x 9 or 4 x 3 aspect ratio
  • Third party tracking Click commands and 1×1 pixels (to track video streaming progress)

Extra Assets for a Listen Live Takeover:

talkSPORT recommends that Adobe Flash™ is no longer optimal for digital banners, as more browser vendors actively discourage its use (flash banners don’t work on iPhones and iPads and no longer auto play in Google Chrome).

Flash is rapidly being superseded by the emergence of new standards in web delivery technologies primarily with HTML, CSS and progressions in the use of JavaScript often collectively referred to as HTML 5.

300×250 pixels (MPU)

  • Third party tags such as Double Click or MediaMind
  • HTML 5 standard banner – recommended file size 80kb with 100kb for external shared libraries * (basic banner with single click through with no advanced features)
  • HTML 5 rich banner – initial load: asset files are immediately loaded when the ad tag is inserted in the page 80kb, polite load: All of the creative’s subsequent assets are loaded once the host webpage has completed loading 2MB* (defined as any kind of banner that includes video, multiple clickthroughs or advanced features)
  • Flash 50KB SWF, Flash 11 or below, 25fps or below
  • Image 50KB JPG or GIF
  • Animation 30 seconds recommended
  • Border required on all sides if colour tone of the creative does not contrast well with page background (The ad will appear on a white background)
  • MPU must not be expandable
  • Any audio on the MPU must be user initiated

Skin / Background

  • Please provide hex colour for background
  • Please provide any click through URL and/or tracking separate to the file and we will add those components

Creative deadlines

All creative for all campaigns must be sent to the talkSPORT trafficking team 5 working days before it is scheduled to go live. This is to allow for any creative issues to be fed-back to the creative agency / design team, as well as to ensure there is sufficient time to traffic a campaign in time for the agreed launch date.