Mobile App

Mobile App

IOS sizes: 300 x 100 (600 x 200)

Android sizes: 288 x 184 (432 x 276), 328 x 183: (656 x 368); 480 x 184 (960 x 368)

File weight: 50kb polite download, 2.2mb thereafter, 3rd party served.

Rich media: 3rd party served, up to 2.2mb. User activated video, audio off by default.

Other: Max 3 animation loops, 15 seconds per loop. Must finish on a static frame. Note: No expandable formats.

Recommendation: Creatives built using HTML5 as this is supported by all browsers. If supplying SWF use version 10.1 or below and provide a back-up gif or jpg (max weight = 50kb). Note, Flash is not supported in all browsers. These are best served via a 3rd party.

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