'No need to panic' Advertorials

The Challenge: Every hour 12 vehicles are stolen from somewhere in England and Wales, that’s one every five minutes. That’s why Tracker wanted to communicate that it's more important than ever to protect your vehicles with a stolen vehicle recovery system that is reliable and effective and to raise brand awareness and consideration for the brand.

The Solution

A range of informative advertorial content was produced for the Sunday Times (Print) and (website) working alongside display advertising to inform and engage drivers on the product benefits and increase specific awareness.


The Results: Top line

  • Brand Awareness

    Brand Awareness

    Increase of 10% in prompted brand awareness

  • Brand Consideration

    Brand Consideration

    Consideration up by nearly 20%. Amongst those who recalled ad uplift at 60%

  • Recall


    62% of those who recalled ad took action as a result. 91% of those who recalled ad aware of Tracker

  • In Depth

    In Depth

    1 in 4 read the full article and 1 in 5 went on to talk about Tracker