The Challenge: Beer is made from just four natural ingredients: barley, yeast, hops and water. Despite this, most consumers still view big-brand beers such as Stella Artois, Corona, or Budweiser as ‘chemical’ or ‘processed’. They have built a reputation as an evening social drink, but few picture a quality beer as a premium item that can be paired with food or enjoyed as one might savour a glass of wine or fine single malt.

The Solution


Working with Golin PR we realised that beer can be compared to another everyday food that has permeated the consciousness of the British public as a natural, wholesome food that is worth paying a little extra for.

Similarly, there has been a huge rise (pun intended) in appreciation for sourdoughs, pumpkin ryes and brioche. Working with The Fabulous Baker Brothers – who have created special ‘beer bread’ recipes and beer-based sandwiches and toasties – we demonstrated that both beer and bread are staple items we should give more care and consideration.


Working with The Fabulous Baker Brothers and Golin PR we created special ‘beer/bread’ recipes: from the Leffe Blond sourdough to the Corona Lime and Chilli cornbread, we paired quality beers with unique handmade breads and accompanying sandwiches and toasties.

Together we opened The Beer Bakery, a pop-up shop in Hoxton, London, selling the beers and breads for a week in October 2015. We hosted an opening evening for the pop-up, covered in The Sun.

We published sandwich recipes in The Sunday Times’ monthly food magazine, The Dish, together with an interview with the Baker Brothers and a brief history of farming in Britain: which, according to some experts, was developed either for brewing or for breadmaking. No one is entirely sure which came first.

We also published stories in The Times and The Sun to further promote the opening of The Beer Bakery.

The Results: Top line

  • The campaign reached more than 8.3 million readers.

  • Average dwell time: over 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

  • Click-through rate was 4x the industry average.

  • More than 600 people visited the Beer Bakery in one week, and more than 1,100 loaves were sold.