'Finest' Partnership

The Challenge: Inform & educate a discerning audience on the story and the special people behind the food who’ve dedicated decades to getting it just right. For them it’s a way of life. The solution was created to inform discerning readers about the provenance of Tesco Finest* foods to improving brand perceptions/Word of Mouth.

The Solution

Tesco Finest partnered with The Times to produce a series of articles focussing on the people behind the food that make it what it is. In a series of special features within The Times Magazine (Saturday), readers would find out more about the producers and communities that contribute to finest food. The articles were shown both online and in print with a new focus each week. The campaign was highly successful in educating our audience on the provenance of Tesco Finest* food generating positive reactions towards the range and increasing consideration.


Top Line Results:

  • Consideration


    50% increase in top box consideration of Tesco Finest*

  • Increased perceptions

    Increased perceptions

    Readers 55% more likely to say that they source good quality ingredients

  • Increased understanding

    Increased understanding

    26% more likely to say they understand where the ingredients are sourced

  • Call to action

    Call to action

    63% of readers who saw the partnership say they took action as a result of it