The Challenge: The Oreo brand has achieved an iconic status in the US, and trades on its playful image to great effect. For millions of American children and adults alike, ‘milk and cookies’ means dipping an Oreo in a tall glass of the white stuff. The biscuit brand wanted to bring that sense of fun to the UK in a ‘media first’ moment, and – as a similarly playful brand – The Sun made the ideal partner to help Oreo eclipse the competition.

The Solution


Every 11 years there is a visible solar eclipse in the Northern Hemisphere, where the moon passes in front of the Sun. To celebrate this rare celestial event we proposed that Oreo – an iconic black circle – eclipse The Sun for the day.


We developed a translucent cover wrap around The Sun with black ink printed over to ‘eclipse’ the front and back pages. We accompanied this with fun and playful graphics befitting the Oreo brand in the inner translucent pages. More than 65 tons of translucent paper was required to fully wrap the Sun for the day: reaching more than two million readers in print – a first for the newspaper and the biggest ever translucent cover print run.

The Results: Top line

  • Research showed uplifts in various criteria including brand awareness (+91 per cent) and consideration (+17 per cent).

  • We estimate that 4.1 million people who are not Sun readers were potentially exposed to the cover wrap at newsstands.

  • Combined with real-time digital outdoor executions, the total #OreoEclipse campaign was seen by 20 million people in one day. (Over 40 per cent of the total saw Oreo via the cover of The Sun)

  • Oreos reported a sales uplift in March of 59 per cent – its biggest ever recorded sales figures.