Oreo translucent cover wrap

Oreo translucent cover wrap

The Challenge: The client wanted an innovation to capitalise on the rare celestial event 'eclipsing the Sun'. Clearly we were in a unique position with this, however, we still very much needed to act in a collaborative and intelligent way to ensure that the idea worked for the client.

The Solution

Within two weeks we had outlined a solution featuring an Oreo biscuit eclipsing the sun which was then amplified socially.

This was subsequently the UK’s biggest translucent print run with over 2 million press printed copies.

The eight translucent tabloid pages measures over 850 miles and is longer than the length of UK, from Land End to John O’Groats [approx. 830 miles]. Weighing 64 tonnes, the weight of approximately 21 million Oreo biscuits!

Copies were printed at the three News UK print sites at Broxbourne, Knowsley and Eurocentral and distributed to over 50 thousand retailers across England, Wales and Scotland on the day of the Solar eclipse - Friday 20th March 2015.

We achieved an innovative digital execution where all creative was built in-house for a first ever full-site and app takeover and the client felt the process “was like a masterclass in collaboration rather than a conventional ‘media buy’. We needed to move quickly and decisively and that’s exactly what happened.”

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Oreo translucent cover wrap

The Results: Top line

  • Potential 4.1 million extra readers

    Potential 4.1 million extra readers

    ​The coverwrap reached everyone who visited the newsstand that day

  • Increased Brand Awareness

    Increased Brand Awareness

    ​Spontaneous brand awareness increased by 96% (those exposed 11% vs not exposed 22%)

  • Increased Recommendation

    Increased Recommendation

    ​Recommendation increased by 33% (those exposed 44% vs. not exposed 33%)

  • Online Penetration

    Online Penetration

    ​77% of Sun+ member (online readers) remember seeing the print advertsing

Source: ABC Circulation Figures 2015/Differentology 2015