The Challenge: We had two tasks: to raise awareness of what the Movember Foundation does, and generate excitement around Movember to increase participation and donations. We discovered a “taboo” still exists around men’s feelings. Simply put, men are scared to open up about the stuff that worries them. Money stresses, depression, loneliness: men carry these feelings alone, rather than “burden” friends or families with them. A lump found on their testicles? Feeling tired or overwhelmed? These are shrugged off, with a hope that “it’ll go away on its own”. But sometimes it doesn’t. Our research found one of the principle reasons that some men are dying too young: because they are too afraid to talk about their feelings. If Movember was to be a big success we had to break this taboo.

The Solution

We created #FOMO(vember) – a reminder to all men that a fear of opening up about your feelings or troubles is nowhere near as terrifying as the “Fear of Missing Out” – of dying too young, and missing out on what the rest of your life can offer.

We created a raft of Movember stories using a mixture of celebrities and people not in the public eye, and ran their stories in places where men were going to be. Our content spanned video, social, digital, print and broadcast media (through our partnership with Sky Media).

Some of it was disruptive and shocking. Some of it was desperately sad, too. But we also had to ensure that the fun, humour and spirit of Movember was maintained and amplified.

The Results: Top line

  • More than 11.3m video views with a 45.53% completion rate of all digital video (vs a benchmark of 24.6%)

  • “Andy’s Man Club” real-life story – 4.8m organic views on The Sun’s Facebook page – the highest News UK has ever seen

  • 71,446 actual social engagements and 39.4m views across Sky Sports (commercial and bespoke content)