'Papa's Big Tomato Challenge' Partnership

The Challenge: Dolmio’s objective was to push their ‘100% natural’ ingredients message via ‘Papa’s Big Tomato Challenge’, to get 100,000 kids growing tomatoes by giving away seeds. The campaign was to inspire, educate and engage children with natural food by getting them growing in a fun way.

The Solution

At the centre of the campaign a digital hub enabled interaction with growers, providing hints and tips and supported through our channels to build a movement. Dolmio posed a truly unique challenge, requiring us to manage content creation and interaction in an environment where Dolmio retained 100% brand ownership.

Expertise - Our expert Sun Gardener Steve Bradley gave expert advice and produced great content, which fed into a fully interactive and educational site, including games, tomato facts and a unique growing guide.

The hub - For the first time ever we worked with a third party company to design and build a client-only branded website, where people could register for their free seeds.

Creating a movement – Using the The Sun’s huge audience and ability to mobilise the UK, we ran out of the 100,000 packs of seeds in the first six days, quickly sourcing 59,000 extra seeds to avoid disappointing thousands of kids. We used all our relevant platforms to make this campaign famous, including an L-Shaped advertorial on our gardening pages, a previously untapped Sun environment.

Project management – We pulled all elements together acting as a full service agency, sourcing and distributing the seeds themselves, including the packaging and DM comms. It was vital to source the right seed variety that would grow fastest to suit the campaign timelines. We also gave away some bespoke tomato themed prizes, all thought up and sourced by the team at News UK.


The Results: Top line

  • Overwhelming response

    Overwhelming response

    Combined strength of media, PR and WOM - gained traction quickly with individuals, schools & clubs

  • Seeds of Change

    Seeds of Change

    Massive demand for seeds with over 120k packs delivered in the first week

  • Website Visits

    Website Visits received 137k visits so far with average dwell time of over 3 mins

  • Sales Uplift

    Sales Uplift

    Incredible 11.6% uplift in sales year-on-year for April when the campaign launched