British Airways

British Airways
'Beyond the Flight Deck' Advertorial

The Challenge: British Airways set a target to increase brand engagement with a plan to bring together the needs of the customer and the untapped potential within the pilot and staff community with a view to them playing a more active role in the travel experience. The campaign and initiative has become part of how British Airways do business.

The Solution

In order to celebrate the stories of incredible British Airways staff we brought on board award winning photographer Paul Stuart to hero the subjects in stunning portraits.

Using editorial’s integral set piece interview we were able to totally integrate the stories with The Times Magazine and Sunday Times Magazine.

British Airways

The Results: Top line

  • Strong brand message

    Strong brand message

    9 pieces on consecutive weeks - stories became a regular column that readers empathised with

  • Increased staff engagement & loyalty

    Increased staff engagement & loyalty

    Staff showcased in national newspapers with exhibition in Heathrow