Audible ‘Hearing is Believing’ campaign

Audible ‘Hearing is Believing’ campaign

The Challenge: To help Audible raise brand awareness and connect with its target audience of ‘book lovers’ to get them listening to audiobooks for the first time.

The Solution

A ‘hearing is believe’ campaign was created to capture the power of a strong recommendation and the emotion of finding a life changing book. The Times and Sunday Times editorial team journalists were asked to review their favourite, most life changing book, This was then hosted on a bespoke digital hub, with audio extracts by each of the journalists giving people an opportunity to listen to a personally selected and recorded audio extract of the book. Reviews were released regularly over a six month period.

To create longevity, a definitive list of ‘60 Life-Changing Books’ was chosen, with the final additions chosen by the Great British public on Twitter to encourage engagement.

The campaign was supported by cover wraps round The Times’ ‘Saturday Review’ and The Sunday Times supplement, ‘Culture’, both in paper and on tablet, as well as homepage takeovers online.

Top Line Results:

- Awareness: 75 percent of readers took direct action as a result of the campaign. This included 19 percent of readers downloading a new audiobook; 14 percent signing up to a free trial and 11 percent signing up to Audible and purchasing a book.

- Digital Engagement: 79,434 unique visits, a third over the anticipated 60,000. From these visits over 10 percent of the hub traffic (8,959 plays) then went on to listen to the audio extracts, the majority of which listened to the whole extract.

- Recommendation: Boosted by 177 percent between pre and post campaign, with 61 percent of the readers saying they are likely to recommend Audible.

- Consideration: Increased by 268 percent between pre and post activity