The Challenge: Eurotunnel wanted to increase understanding among holidaymakers of the benefits it offered and encourage more of them to consider it as a way to travel. To achieve these aims, we needed to promote the advantages of taking your own car on holiday, and show why travelling with Eurotunnel is such a great way to take a self-drive trip. With no checking in or weighing of luggage, you simply drive on to the train, relax, and you’ll be in France in 35 minutes and Holland or Belgium in a matter of hours.

The Solution


We decided against creating a checklist of Eurotunnel benefits vs fly/drive and ferry travel, and opted instead for a more imaginative and inspired approach. We decided to build an emotional connection between Eurotunnel and our readers by focusing on things we know they love (food, sporting events, wildlife, history) and the reasons they travel: to spend time with family; to experience new culture; to have adventures.


Every holiday with a family is an adventure. With so many people to keep happy and entertained, being able to pack what you like, and travel at your own pace is key to family harmony. We wanted to show readers how adventurous family holidays are made possible thanks to Eurotunnel, and we wanted to place families – in all their chaotic glory – at the heart of what we did.

So we created a series of eye-catching illustrations for The Times Magazine and The Sunday Times Magazine and Fabulous, The Sun’s magazine. Stylish and full of character, bespoke artwork was created for each title to reflect its tone and audience. Drawn by Darren Smith, Bridge Studio’s creative content director and regular cover artist for the Times Literary Supplement, the illustrations depicted families by their cars wearing or using the equipment they were able to take with them thanks to Eurotunnel.

The idea was to drive home the message that travelling by Eurotunnel lets you do more of what you love on holiday. Our snappy features highlighted the attractions of key destinations, the benefits of taking plenty of kit for all the family and highlighted the USPs of using Eurotunnel.

We created videos to show the benefits of travelling by Eurotunnel and engage our online and social audiences. For The Sun we used humour to showcase the fun of being able to take a dog on holiday. For The Times we drew our audience’s attention to just how many destinations were available and our “pack like a pro” video showcased just how many fun items you can bring when travelling with a car.

Across radio and Times+ we used appealing competitions to further drive awareness of the variety of experiences that Europe offers – all at your fingertips with Eurotunnel

The Results: Top line

  • The campaign reached more than five million adults in print while the videos achieved 3,271,800 video views, 341,244 over target.

  • The Times+ competition has achieved 39,829 entries to date, against a 10,000 benchmark

  • Over-delivered on radio impacts by 1,583,719

  • The campaign increased consideration for travelling on Eurotunnel by 28%