The Challenge: Philips’ new Airfryer keeps all the succulence and flavour of fried food, but reduces the amount of oil (and therefore calories). Philips asked us to demonstrate the benefit this could have for the nation’s biggest foodies: the readers of The Sunday Times’ monthly food magazine, The Dish.

The Solution


We worked with TV chef, author and Masterchef finalist Stacie Stewart to create new recipes for the Philips Airfryer – proving to our readers that they can prepare their favourite dishes while cutting calories. We tackled fish and chips, romantic dinners for two, even the Everest of cooking challenges: Christmas dinner.


We published recipes in The Times, The Sunday Times, The Dish and The Sun’s Fabulous magazine, as well as on tablet and online. We then collated the recipes together to create the world’s healthiest fryers’ cookbook. Finally we invited readers to share their own recipe ideas for the Airfryer – and received more than 3,000 responses in return.


The Results: Top line

  • We reached 6.6 million people across all titles.

  • 3,000 online recipe competition entries.

  • Click-through rate (CTR): 0.24 per cent – four times the industry average.