Cannes 2017 wrapped up: Dominic Carter on how and why News UK got involved again this year

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The News Chateau in Cannes was a great opportunity for us to spend some time with our valued partners. Just in case you missed the piece in last week’s Campaign magazine, here’s their coverage of our roundtable debate, ‘Holding the Industry to Account’.

I know many thousands of words have been written analysing the events at this year’s festival but I feel like it was an important turning point for the industry and its relationship with media owners. Our strapline for the event was Quality Media Matters and, from many of the discussions we had over the week, it feels like a sentiment that’s becoming more widely shared across agencies and brands. In a world of misleading, opaque digital measurement and ‘murky’ ad-tech value chains, people are beginning to realise that there’s no replacement for trusted, transparent and brand-safe media properties.

Cannes this year was also a fantastic opportunity for us to talk to clients about a rejuvenated and confident News UK. About the fact that the Sun is now reaching its largest audience ever – 27.2 million readers each month; the fact that The Times is now the fastest growing national newspaper; and about our exciting collaborations with our sister businesses, Unruly, Storyful and Wireless Group.

As well as our debate with Campaign magazine we hosted a session looking at the interplay between sports and marketing with Karen Brady and Steve Parish; our sister company Unruly constructed their ‘House of the Future’ installation; we held a discussion about the incredible growth of digital advertising in the Luxury sector; we had a dinner with the ground breaking Gingerline Group, changing guests into press so they could understand the process we undertake to produce quality editorial.

And of course we had our Wednesday evening Festival du Chateau featuring the incredible Ed Sheeran and Fatboy Slim alongside Edith Bowman from News UK business Wireless Group.

Dominic Carter

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