How The Times is read

‘In Depth’: The daily read, deep, immersive, more time spent, valuable time, typically print/tablet read.

  • Time for proper cognitive processing
  • Time for yourself
  • Time away from devices and noise

Checking-in: Frequent, shorter duration, across multiple brands/ platforms, more linked to mobile & PC and driven by access in new and different times/places.

For many readers, they play complementary roles – they get their daily briefing from their preferred newspaper and then top-up and stay in the loop during the day from other multiple sources.

More Times Weekend Facts

  • Times readers are more than twice as likely to be very interested in travel topics in newspapers
  • Times readers are 89% more likely to agree that articles influence their travel and holiday decisions
  • Weekend is Times readers favourite section, with over half saying they keep this section to read at a later date
  • 44% of Weekend readers agree they are prompted to take some kind of action after reading articles in this section
  • 34% of Weekend readers agree they are likely to take some kind of action after seeing adverts in this section

Demographic Breakdown:

  • Male <45 years 15%
  • Male >45 years 38%
  • Female <45 years 13%
  • Female >45 years 34%