Times 2 Facts

  • Times readers are 95% more likely to be interested in reading about Art or Theatre in the newspaper
  • 435,000 Times readers are interested in reading about Fashion in the newspaper
  • 287,000 Times readers are interested in reading about slimming and dieting in the newspaper
  • 395,000 Times readers have a very good sense of style
  • Over 237,000 Times readers like to keep up with the latest fashions
  • 563,000 Times readers are eating more healthy food than they have ever done in the past

Time 2 Arts on Friday

A new arts and entertainment supplement on a Friday as part of T2 that combines a comprehensive round-up of film and music releases along with our pick of the best theatre, live music, ballet, opera and exhibitions, plus Caitlin Moran’s Celebrity Watch column.

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