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Sports Newspaper of the Year for three years running and the most authoritative daily sport section in the quality market, The Times is committed to providing intelligent and incisive reporting into the world of sport.

Our acclaimed journalists include Matthew Syed, Michael Atherton and Matt Dickinson, as well as the likes of Ben Kay and Stuart Barnes (rugby), Tony Cascarino and Gabrielle Marcotti (football). **

From Tuesday to Saturday The Times brings news, results and pictures of the world’s sporting events from the Melbourne Cup to the Champions League to Wimbledon.

More Times Sport Facts


  • Times readers are 36% more likely more likely to convince others of their sporting opinion
  • 37% of Times readers receive premium paid for sports TV channels, like Sky Sports
  • Times readers are 61% more likely to be very interested in sport news in newspapers
  • Times readers have on average 9 conversations about sport every week, the UK population average is 6.8
  • 63% agree Sport is part of the paper they turn to first

Audience by Sport:

  • 780,000 rugby fans every week
  • 1 million football fans every week
  • 751,000 cricket fans every week

Demographic Breakdown:

  • Male <45 years 28%
  • Male >45 years 45%
  • Female <45 years 8%
  • Female >45 years 20%

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