No. 1 daily for reaching the UK’s Business Elite

The Times is the no. 1 daily title for reaching the UK’s Business Elite, reaching 35% each day – that’s 52% more than The Daily Telegraph and 35% more than the FT every day.

  • The Boardroom: The Times is the UK’s No. 1 daily title for reaching C-Suite executives, reaching 40% of this senior group every day - that’s 29% more than the FT.
  • Business spend: Times Business Elite readers were responsible for a combined business spend of €252 billion in the last year – more than any other UK daily title.
  • High Salary: Every day The Times reaches 41% of all of the UK Business Elite earning a salary of €160k+ - that’s 28% more than the FT reaches.
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More facts on Times Business Readers

  • More than twice as likely to be interested in personal finance & investment topics in newspapers
  • Average 5.1 conversations about finance every week, the UK population average is 3.8.
  • 35% talk about finance every day, that’s 38,500 talking about finance
  • 45% of agree they are more likely to take some action after reading articles in this section

Demographic Breakdown:

  • Male <45 years 23%
  • Male >45 years 38%
  • Female <45 years 10%
  • Female >45 years 29%