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Bricks & Mortar runs on Fridays and Property is in The Times on Saturday and carries over 900 property advertisements every year. Readers can find out where to rent, how Help to Buy works and get a sneak peak inside the world’s most desirable homes, in the UK and overseas.

Whether you can afford a £10 million stately pile, or are hoping to buy a first home with a loan from the Bank of Mum and Dad, Bricks & Mortar will have something for you. For advertisers, it’s a highly attractive proposition - rather like the houses we feature.

Market Intelligence for Property Buyers

We offer the facts, figures and fantasies from the world of property, supplying all the essential statistics on the performance of the housing market, plus the most wonderful homes both in the UK and abroad. The supplement helps you make an informed choice when buying or renting; it also allows you to step inside some of the most extraordinary apartments, castles, mansions or town houses.

How to invest your money in Property

We know that Times readers appreciate the mix of advice on mortgages, furnishings, the next property hotspots and how to renovate a wreck. The supplement is like a box of chocolates: you can devour every single item or just focus on your favourites, such as The Home of the Week, Save, Spend, Splurge, our interiors feature with pieces for all budgets or our overseas coverage.

More Bricks & Mortar Facts

  • 29% of Times readers say they are always looking for new ideas to improve my home
  • 36% of Times readers agree that magazines give them ideas on how to improve their home
  • Times readers are 31% more likely to own their home
  • Times readers have on average 5.1 conversations about their home every week, the UK population average is 4.1
  • 48% of Bricks & Mortar readers agree they are more likely to take some kind of action after reading articles in this section

Demographic Breakdown:

  • Male <45 years 18%
  • Male >45 years 33%
  • Female <45 years 13%
  • Female >45 years 37%