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The Times delivers a complete curated package of the most important news and current affairs. It has a start, a middle and an end – fully arming readers for the day ahead.

It’s consumed in depth and demands focused attention with an average of 47mins across both print and tablet. More engaged audiences means more engagement with the advertising.

No.1 daily title for reaching the UK's Business Elite

The Times is the no. 1 daily title for reaching the UK’s Business Elite, reaching 35% each day – that’s 52% more than The Daily Telegraph and 35% more than the FT every day

  • The Boardroom: The Times is the UK’s No. 1 daily title for reaching C-Suite executives, reaching 40% of this senior group every day - that’s 29% more than the FT.
  • Business spend: Times Business Elite readers were responsible for a combined business spend of €252 billion in the last year – more than any other UK daily title.
  • High Salary: Every day The Times reaches 41% of all of the UK Business Elite earning a salary of €160k+ - that’s 28% more than the FT reaches.
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Times readers are influencers via word of mouth

Times digital readers have a very high concentration of influencers – 42% are Conversation Catalysts in at least one category – twice the national average.

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John Witherow, Editor

“A faithful recorder of the times for more than 200 years. It is authoritative, credible, responsible, trusted and a part of the nation’s cultural heritage. A premium British brand, recognised the world over.

But The Times is also a fast-moving, highly-creative, multi-channel media operation which has a long heritage of modernity, of being first, of breaking through, of creating change.

It is an informer, an entertainer, a campaigner, an innovator and an agenda-setter that has always had the capacity to surprise. From William Howard Russell to Caitlin Moran. From hot lead to cold type. From Times New Roman to The Times on iPad.

The Times possesses the unique ability to push boundaries, embrace new technologies but remember old traditions.”

Key columnists in The Times

David Aaronovitch, Paul Ackford, Philip Aldrick, Mike Atherton, Roger Boyes, Mike Brearley, Peter Brookes (cartoonist), Philip Collins, Ed Conway, Giles Coren, Robert Crampton, Daniel Finkelstein, Ben Macintyre, Carol Midgley, Tim Montgomerie, Caitlin Moran, Alistair Osborne, Matthew Parris, Melanie Phillips, Melanie Reid, Matt Ridley, Hugo Rifkind, Jenni Russell, Sathnam Sanghera, Matthew Syed, Rachel Sylvester, Alice Thomson, Ann Treneman, Janice Turner.