Our Readers

Sunday Times Travel Magazine is used within the planning cycle of booking a holiday as our readers use the magazine to inspire them on destination, how to get there and who to book with.


  • Travellers who know their stuff, not your average holidaymaker.
  • Go off the beaten track and want something ‘different’.
  • Have been there, done that, got the water puppet…


  • They know ‘how’ to travel
  • Want to know where to get a deal
  • They don’t like being sold to, they look for the catch
  • It’s about value for money whatever the budget


  • Know what they want and won’t settle for poor quality
  • Looking for the details and want to fully experience their location
  • Good taste and judgement

“With the magazine I can take my time with it and enjoy — online, there are too many distractions.”

“I trust the magazine. It’s like the BBC — if they say something is good then I will believe them.”

Latest research - readers love the breadth of content

Quantitative research has told us who are readers are, how they like to travel and how they engage with The Sunday Times Travel Magazine:

  • Our readers love the breadth of content: the magazine has something for everyone
  • Editing down, “best of” lists, curated content and considered opinions topped their “love list”
  • We are inspirational not aspirational: we talk about real destinations for real people
  • We are a trusted, credible voice - informative and believable
  • We offer escapism: relaxation, “me-time” and a beautiful read
  • Imagery is key: beautiful, quality photography
  • Authentic and inside track features such as “Ask the local” are the most popular
  • Advertising mirrored the look and feel or the magazine and was seen as an opportunity to learn