A weekly edit of the best of everything fashion

Style readers want to dream and be inspired by beautiful imagery but they also want updates on the latest news and trust us to find the fashion solutions that work for them.

Style doesn’t aim to show them everything – it offers an edit of the best of everything, be that the best catwalk creation, the finest high street find or the fashion personalities that influence the way we dress.

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Beauty - the best products, trusted opinion and news

Style’s coverage aims to give a really useful edit of the best products, combined with trusted opinion and up-to-the-minute news.

Style reflects the beauty concerns of real women, and understands that your fragrance and shade of lipstick are your trademarks as a woman.

But because beauty is about dreams and reality Style also aim to provide inspirational content created exclusively for us by some of the industry’s big names.

662,000 Style readers agree that it is important to them to look well dressed, 33% more likely than the average population.

Style for Men

Reflecting the exciting and dynamic growth in Menswear, Style magazine runs the 2 menswear editions in March and September to complement the weekly Men’s page edited by Richard Gray.

40% of STYLE’s readership are men - that’s 600,000 men who read Style every week - the largest reach of up-scale men in the UK magazine market.

The issue will be distinctly Menswear with a cover to cover, 100% focus on fashion, shopping, grooming and lifestyle.

With Richard Gray reporting from the shows in London, Milan, Paris and STYLE Men’s will be the ultimate celebration of this fantastic and fast growing world.

  • Spend on menswear by Sunday Times readers was over £600 million in the last 12 months.
  • Over 700,000 of our readers think it is important to be welldressed.
  • 329,000 of our male readers agree they buy something new every season
  • Nearly half a million of our male readers admit they enjoy shopping for clothes

Brand Solutions in Style

Integration: We create beautifully integrated and bespoke solutions for our clients, ranging from advertorials and reader events to large scale cross-platform partnerships.

Editorial involvement: Our editors are completely involved in the development process to truly reflect style and tone which achieving client objectives.

Creative Minds: Bespoke creative solutions can be developed to work across platform and perfectly tap into the Style ethos to deliver a brand message.

Beyond the Magazine

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