No. 1 title for reaching the UK’s Business Elite

The Sunday Times reaches 46% of the UK’s Business Elite every week - more than any other title, reaching 77% more than the Sunday Telegraph (26%) and 85% more than The Economist (25%).

The Boardroom: Reaches 53% of UK C-Suite executives every week – that’s 69% more than The Sunday Telegraph (31%) and 82% more than The Economist (29%)

High salary: Half (53%) of the UK’s Business Elite who earn over €160k read The Sunday Times every weekend

Business spending influence: Every weekend The Sunday Times is read by 47% of purchase decision makers with responsibility across 3+ business areas – that’s 88% more than The Economist (25%) and 68% more than the Sunday Telegraph (28%)

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More Sunday Times Business Facts

  • 29% of Sunday Times readers discuss how to save or invest money every day
  • Sunday Times readers are 37% more likely to have invested money in their own business
  • 1.3 million Sunday Times readers are interested in business topics within newspapers
  • Sunday Times have 6.1 conversations about finance every week, much higher than the national average of 3.8
  • 39% of regular Business readers say it is the section in the paper they will turn to first

Demographic Breakdown:

  • Male <45 years 23%
  • Male >45 years 32%
  • Female <45 years 16%
  • Female >45 years 28%