Audience targeting - twelve distinct sections every week

The Sunday Times is a place for readers to indulge their interests – while delivering valuable audiences for leading brands.

The Sunday Times is a complete multimedia experience where you can watch video and interact with features and advertising. More engaged audiences = more engagement with the advertising.

Readers are spending as long reading The Sunday Times tablet app as they are the paper edition. The average reading time on The Sunday Times is 58 mins – the highest in the industry.

No. 1 title for reaching the UK's Business Elite

The Sunday Times is reaches 46% of the UK’s Business Elite every week, the UK’s no.1 title reaching 77% more than the Sunday Telegraph and 85% more than The Economist every week

The Boardroom: Reaches 54% of the UK’s Business Elite every week - nearly as many as The Economist and SundayTelegraph combined

High Salary: The Times reaches nearly half of all business readers earning a salary €160k+

Business Travellers: Sunday Times reaches nearly 2 in 3 business travellers every week (double that of The Economist)

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Martin Ivens, Editor

“The Sunday Times is one of the best-known titles in the world and the UK’s top-selling quality Sunday paper.

It has always been relied upon to challenge, provoke, entertain, inspire and inform our readers. To keep them in the loop, in touch and on top of their game.

Always curious, never afraid, ever optimistic and open to changing direction when the right argument is made. The Sunday Times moves things forwards, sets the agenda, creates positive change.

From the corridors of power to the mean streets, the factory floor to the firing line, at home or abroad.

Wherever the scoop is, that’s where you’ll find the Sunday Times journalist.

Continuously seeking out the answers that make sense of the week past, the week to come and the world as a whole.”

Brand Solutions in The Sunday Times

Integration: We create beautifully integrated and bespoke solutions for our clients, ranging from advertorials and reader events to large scale cross-platform partnerships

Editorial Involvement: Our editors are completely involved in the development process to truly reflect style and tone while achieving client objectives.

Creative Minds: Bespoke creative solutions can be developed to work across platform and perfectly tap into the Sunday Times ethos to deliver a brand message.