Rapid-build, mass-market scale, an invaluable media choice

The 7-day a week multi-platform news brand, 6.1 people read The Sun from Monday-Saturday plus the Sunday edition delivers 5.42 million readers – making it the UK’s biggest selling Sunday newspaper.

Size matters: If The Sun was a TV programme it would be the second biggest in the UK. At the weekend it reaches more 16-34s than ‘The Voice’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ combined*

The UK's most immersive and entertaining media brand

Not just a newspaper, The Sun is an immersive, entertaining media brand that’s constantly evolving and offering new ways to entertain customers. Readers have a deep relationship with the brand.

The Sun’s £9.50 annual holiday offers have been enjoyed by more than 45 million people to date, while the Sun Goals app gives readers exclusive access to highlights from the Barclays Premier League and other home and international football competitions. These extras, along with the Sun’s inimitable journalism, are proving an attractive digital bundle for a new generation of readers.

  • Largest age group is 15-34 (4 million readers)
  • 47% of sign-ups are on mobile
  • Readers have an appetite for both print and digital

Making younger readers lives better

The Sun’s digital offerings are helping to lure more young readers to the title, according to the latest data from NRS.

The statistics show that online viewing is highest among young adults aged 15-35, showing a bright future for newspapers, with a new generation of readers not only attracted to the medium but willing to pay for content. This data doesn’t include tablet or mobile devices, which our audience continue to adopt as a viable and often preferred platform.

Being able to deliver the largest number of 15-34 readers per week of any UK newspaper brand – 4 million – clearly makes The Sun a very attractive advertising vehicle, as this audience is traditionally hard to reach and therefore highly sought after for brands to communicate to.

The Sun on Sunday

The Sun on Sunday became the market-leading tabloid Sunday paper from day one, re-supplying advertisers with vital access to a highly valuable and highly engaged Sunday reader.

The tonality of The Sun on Sunday is family-led but with the huge front-page impact you expect from The Sun. Key editorial pillars in The Sun on Sunday include Sport and “Supergoals”, with an expanded Sun Woman and Bizarre. There are also TV and Travel sections and Fabulous magazine.

Sundays are different

  • Weekdays require topicality, discovery and talk-ability while weekends (and especially Sunday) are all about relaxation, escape and entertainment.

  • Sunday has also become the new day for fashion. It’s a day to browse shops, meet friends and eat out, and is increasingly important for fashion and other high ticket value retailers. Fabulous is the perfect high street fashion guide now back out on the day when it is most useful. Fabulous readers can see it, try and then buy it, all on the one day.

David Dinsmore, Chief Operating Officer, News UK and Ex-Editor of The Sun

“The Sun is more than a newspaper. It is an instigator, an entertainer, a cultural reference point, a finger on the pulse, a daily relationship.

Read by more than ten million readers in the UK every week, the country reaches for The Sun when they need to discover, debate, understand, decide, laugh, cry, act or fight.

The people of Britain work hard for what they have and The Sun works hard to give them something memorable. That makes an impact, inspires a reaction, raises the pulse. It’s brave, bold and bawdy. Caring, clear and concise.

The Sun makes life simpler, richer and more sensational. Every single day.”