Cutting through the spin - Bremner, Blunkett, Fox and Kennedy talk #GE2015

Rory Bremner introduces a panel of political heavyweights to discuss what we should expect in this year’s election campaign. Hosted by Guto Harri, News UK, Director of Communications and formally BBC Politics Correspondent and Boris Johnson’s PR man.

The panel featured an all-star cast of politicians with experience at the very top of Westminster, with the assistance of the UK’s best known political satirist, they cut through the spin, the numbers and the hype to show what’s really happening. The panel features former Home Secretary, David Blunkett MP; the former Defence Secretary, Dr Liam Fox MP; and the ex-leader of the Liberal Democrats Charles Kennedy MP.

These big beasts of Westminster have seen it all before, they’ve lived through the campaign trails, the promises from Parliament and the hopes of the country but what does it all really mean for you and the media industry we work in? Can the 2015 General Election actually stimulate growth and will the winning party(s) go on to deliver what they’ve said they’d do over a six-week campaign? A high profile political panel offering key insights into the 2015 election and beyond with a touch of satire thrown in.