Creating new experiences

As brands increasingly seek to differentiate themselves through values and actions, a Creative Solution with News International allows advertisers to communicate complex messages, in a trusted and information rich environment, aided by the expertise of our journalists.

Our Solutions enable advertisers to create a nationwide groundswell, get closer to the hopes fears and dreams of real people, and ultimately create an engaging and mutually beneficial relationship with our readers.

The Sun Creative Solutions

The Sun bounced into a Summer of Sport with Mars.

The power of our media

Transformative and thought provoking

Our power brands always demonstrate who we are and what we stand for.

The fuel that powers the knowledge economy

Newspapers create and influence the discussions that impact all of us.

Agenda setting

Reach and influence an unparalleled power of readership that revolutionise opinions, change governments and laws.


Formats, multi-platform communications, resource, journalism and new technology as key success factors.

Our Solutions

Mars Balls

Mars Balls

The Mars communications proposition for Summer 2009 was to Bounce into a Summer of Sport by encouraging people to play.



We gave fans the inner gear to max out their love of rugby indulging in the skill, speed and power of the greatest players.



Painting for change. Re-paint a room to brighten your home, re-furbish a deserving project to brighten a community.

Bank of Scotland

>Bank of Scotland

A real world dragons den with £5 million interest free funding for 3 years, and mentoring turning exceptional business plans into profitable reality.